Employee Testimonials

“The flexibility with my schedule and nature of my work keeps me at PDG. I enjoy writing and paperwork (believe it or not). I also value that I have been given more responsibilities as time goes on, and my hard work has been noticed over the course of my employment. I feel supported by my supervisor and am able to discuss concerns with other supervisors who make themselves available to me if mine is not in the office.”
Megan Weiss, Case Manager and Housing Program Coordinator

“I absolutely love work, and my position. But my job is worthwhile knowing that I have the support, understanding, and encouragement from my team. My supervisor leads our team, and she is awesome!”
Brittany Smith, Supported Employment

“I felt the orientation and training process was excellent. I feel ready and confident starting in my new position.”
Miranda Weinstein, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

“[PDG offers] flexibility, camaraderie between staff, the seemingly endless supply of chocolate at the Millersville office, incentives for doing work, getting to connect with people who would likely feel forgotten everyday and sometimes make a difference in their lives.”
Sarah Gray, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

“[PDG provided] the ability I have had to work independently and the trust instilled in me to do so. I have also been provided excellent clinical support. The fact that I have a good relationship with the owners, managers and other co-workers and that I really enjoy the work that I am doing. I am also excited about the future of PDG Therapeutics.”
Amber Schmidt, Forensic Behavioral Health

“I am grateful for the chance to be doing this work. So many individuals I know struggle to get into the field in order to get hours under their belt and be able to work/hone their clinical skills and abilities to conceptualize a consumer. I am fortunate enough to have that opportunity through PDG. Thanks!”
Jakob Engel, Intake Coordinator

“[PDG is great because of] the flexibility with my schedule and appointments/childcare needs (being able to work extra hours in order to make up for time taken for medical appointments/child pick-up, etc).”

“[I like] the clinical supervision that I receive. The ability to switch my roles within the company based on my interests and the flexibility that my supervisors provide. In addition, I like that the owners are open to new ideas and try to think outside of the box. In addition, I think the managers/owners are accepting of everyone’s unique qualities and that makes PDG a comfortable place to work. Additionally, I think the leave that is offered is generous.”

“I am most satisfied with everything at PDG. I could not be happier working for and with a great team of people. Morris and Sondra are amazing and are the best ever!”

“I feel satisfied when I accomplish my short term and long term work goals.  I am satisfied with the support I receive from my colleagues.  I am satisfied with the flexibility.  It is great to have employers that will let me just go home when/if I have something personal going on or when my kid is sick.  I enjoy knowing and understanding my job.  I believe that the bosses trust me and the work that I am doing – and that is a good feeling.”

“[I feel satisfied by] the actual work with the clients. It’s rewarding to see them make their progress and feel good about the changes they are making.”

“I enjoy working with a population that needs the most help but is often overlooked. My dual roles in SOAR and PRP allow me to help an array of individuals at various crossroads in their life. I hope that the experience I have gained while working at PDG will open new doors and opportunities in the future.”


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