Crab Feast: Where Does the Money Go?

Where Does the Money Go?

What another great year! Thank you to everyone in the community who made this year’s Crab Feast amazing, especially the volunteers and sponsors (see complete list below). Check out our Facebook page soon for a slideshow of all the photos from this year’s Crabaganza!

Each year PDG throws this delicious and lively event to raise money for PDGRS, our non-profit providing vocational services to adults with severe mental disabilities. All proceeds from the event – including ticket sales, raffles, the wheel of chance, and the Bucket O’ Cheer – go to PDG’s vocational fund.

But what does that mean, you ask? Where is my money actually going?

What a great question! This fund is available to our Vocational Specialists when helping their consumers achieve and maintain employment in the community. There are many resources in Baltimore and Anne Arundel County that help with food, clothing, bus passes, and more – including our rehabilitation partner, DORS (the Department of Rehabilitation Services). Yet, what happens when a consumer needs something that isn’t covered by other programs? What if they need something that day in order to keep their job?

The Vocational Specialist has the ability to request the amount from PDG’s vocational fund and receive it ASAP. The Specialist then helps the consumer purchase the item in question.

Actual uses for these funds:

  • Getting a sorely needed haircut before an interview.
  • Purchasing a bus day pass to get to work.
  • Obtaining accessories or shoes for an interview outfit or work uniform.
  • Anything directly needed but not available elsewhere for obtaining or maintaining a job.

Now you know. These funds are distributed appropriately when needed and are not given to the consumer to spend as they like. They’re available quickly and the scope of application is flexible.

That’s how you put your money to work. Keep an eye out for our next save the date and join us next year for continued community support and endless crabs!